I considered adding my own voice to the fray of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” recaps, but aside from the fact that there are many professional ones out there, by the time I decided it, we were part of the way through the season and I got a last-minute invitation to happy hour and, well, now we’re over halfway and without editing, I tend to think this length is suitable for a sentence. So, you know, lots of excuses, not a lot of summarizing.

I have come out in favor of Alaska Thunderfuck, but my dreams (like the ones where I’m sleeping) seem to be filled with Detox Icunt. These are sadly not dirty dreams. She shows up mostly in my anxiety dreams and appears sitting near me. She gives me that sort of sly smile she has. Her eyes twinkle. She kicks me under the table or knocks my shoulder and reminds me that really, it’s all a big joke and not to take things so seriously.

I could’ve used her in my meeting this morning. 

Anyway, traffic was horrible this morning and I drove in thinking about how Detox keeps showing up in my dreams to hold my hand and smirk. I suppose if I were to name my subconscious, cunt would be a name I would use. I mean, what is up with the anxiety dreams? isn’t it enough my life is filled with anxious, obsessive people?

Detox says, "You're all fucking welcome."

Oh right, thank you.

What about you? Any recurring dreams of interest? Note I said, “of interest” by which I mean, tell me your dirty dreams, in detail.

One thought on “Detox is my spirit animal, apparently.

  1. I already tell you all my dirty dreams in detail. Usually there are serial killers. Often…the other times…there are members of the Avengers. Particularly Cap and Iron Man. I tend not to relate those dreams because the sheer dorkery is THROUGH THE ROOF. Ugh. In the words of Adam Levine, I’ll be waking up feeling satisfied but guilty as hell. (Or just embarrassed. I have such a loose grasp on guilt.) See how I compounded the dorkery by quoting a proactiv spokesperson? My life is so tragicomic.

    In short: yes, Detox is totally your spirit animal. Keep fighting the good fight against ennui, gurl.

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