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You’re Welcome. Love, Your Cat with Thursday Euclid
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Since vowing celibacy over a decade ago, history professor and classic car aficionado Edwin Blais’s only comfort has been his dead partner’s cat, Francesca. When she gets lost, Edwin’s beside himself…until he meets the man who found her.

Cat-lover and mechanic Forrest James is a Roman sculpture brought to life, old enough to run a successful garage but not old enough to forget the secrets of a painful childhood.

Edwin’s lonely, and a straight man poses no threat to his vow. Soon he’s going to the garage every night after class. Forrest’s quiet friendship is healing Edwin’s broken heart until a night of mind-blowing sex changes everything. Edwin can’t deny his growing feelings, but a relationship between them seems impossible.

After Edwin uncovers the mysteries behind Forrest’s tough exterior, he’s forced to choose between a lost love and an unexpectedly tender new love who needs Edwin more than he ever could have guessed. Only by dealing with their tragic pasts can either forge a future. Will they find a way to do together what neither could do alone?

The WASPs with Thursday Euclid
M/M Humor
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Blake Brooks’s life is not going as planned. His wife kicked him out to move the nanny in, and his father disinherited him. The only haven he has left is his old boarding school buddy, Tyrone Edwards. It turns out Tyrone has a room all ready, clothes picked out, and and a place in his life reserved for Blake and his daughter Bitsy, whom they both adore.

Tyrone has always played it straight, even in boarding school when everyone was experimenting. Now he’s giving Blake mixed messages: affection and teasing one minute, fobbing Blake off on a gay co-worker the next. Is Blake succumbing to wishful thinking, or has Tyrone been holding out for Blake?

Celibacy NOW with Thursday Euclid
M/M Multicultural
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In order increase his commission on a condo sale, realtor Marshall Albright accepts a bet that he can bed Luke Withers, a computer programmer and evangelizing member of a “true love waits” singles group. The group, called Celibacy NOW, is led by Eric Jones, a shady older man who Marshall thinks is abusing his position in the group to date Luke.

It doesn’t take long before Luke finds out about Marshall’s bet, but by then Marshall wants more than a one-night stand. His jealousy toward Eric leads him to uncover that the man Luke trusts most may be dealing drugs to kids. Even if he’s blown his chance to be with Luke, Marshall worries for his safety. Can Marshall find a way to make things right and rescue Luke from Eric?

Le Jazz Hot with Thursday Euclid
M/M Crossdresser/Fireman
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Handsome Julian Larson is a talented singer and dancer who performs in drag to make ends meet. So when his best friend needs a burlesque act at the last minute for a fireman’s birthday party, he calls Julian. There, Julian dances for the birthday boy, Trent Fitzgerald; a too-good-to-be-true heartthrob who is too nice to keep a woman in his life.

Falling hard for the leggy, blond singer–but believing that she’s a woman named Julia–Trent tracks Julian down to his apartment where Julian poses as “Julia’s” twin in a desperate, doomed ploy to win over the sexy firefighter. When Trent inevitably uncovers the truth, will it mean the end of Julian’s chances or a brand new opportunity?

I’ll Be Your Man with Thursday Euclid
M/M May-December
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Richard Lynch is a 50-something executive with an ex-wife he’s still hung up on and a son in grad school who only calls when he wants something. In his professional life, Richard’s successful and in control, but his personal life consists of little more than sitting down in front of the television set at seven and being in bed by nine.

Then he meets his son Kyle’s best friend and roommate, Paul Watkins, the handsome gay son of a former rockstar. Richard’s bland, predictable world is thrown into chaos by Paul’s sweetly determined pursuit of him. To some Richard’s new lease on life seems like a mid-life crisis and Paul’s infatuation seems motivated by daddy issues, but to Richard, Paul is his chance to explore a part of himself he’s kept buried all his life. With friends, family, and their pasts threatening to keep them apart, what will it take for each to become the other’s man?

Black Gold with Thursday Euclid
A M/M Erotic Rockstar Novel
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Billy “Goldie” Goldean is the biggest pop star in the world and he’s harboring a terrible, career-killing secret: he’s gay. Even with song titles such as “Astral Glider” and “Winking Brown Eye,” few question Goldie’s squeaky-clean teen heartthrob status. That is, until Jethro “Jett” Black, an infamous womanizer and underground punk icon, names him in the pages of Rolling Stone magazine as the celebrity he’d most like to fuck.

After Goldie and Jett hook up at an industry party, Goldie’s management dumps him, Jett’s exes come back to haunt them, and even Goldie’s mother makes a public plea for him to come to his senses. Goldie wants to trust his untamed new lover but the pressures of fame may tear them apart.

Black Gold: Double Black with Thursday Euclid
A M/M Erotic Rockstar Novel
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Since they settled in L.A. to run their label three years ago, Jett’s restless nature and Goldie’s isolating fame have damaged their former closeness. Passion brings Jett home every night, but tabloid rumors and growing distance between them leave Goldie afraid of losing Jett forever. While Goldie secretly longs for a wedding, a baby, and more control in the bedroom, Jett pines for his old life in New York.

When Cole, a young man who claims to be Jett’s son, arrives at their mansion, Goldie hopes this is his chance for a family…but Cole has a star crush on Goldie and nothing but anger toward his alleged father. Jett’s jealousy of Goldie’s growing bond with the hot 18-year-old could lead to disaster.

There’s no doubt that Goldie and Jett love each other, but sometimes love isn’t enough. Will Goldie find the courage to confess his needs, or will what’s left unspoken destroy what might have been?


Semi Precious Weapons
M/M Glam Male Models
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The second Chris lays eyes on glamazon model Jason in a club, he knows he wants him.

To his great surprise, Jason wants him too.

In spite of being a model himself, Chris still feels like a gangly boy from Texas. After Chris sides with Jason’s frenemy Sebastian, Jason bolts and Chris realizes Sebastian isn’t all that he seems.

Will Chris be able to win Jason back or will he have to live with the regret of losing the one true thing he’d found in the glamorous and fake City of New York?

The Night Caller
M/M Mystery/Suspense
Working for tech support is a boring yet easy life for David Boyd. Everything goes smoothly – until he meets a wealthy and flamboyant homosexual, Matthew. After one night of debauchery, their worlds collide, and David knows everything will never be the same. Would it change his mind if he learns that someone is out to destroy his life just because he wants to be with Matthew? Author Clancy Nacht takes you into a chaotic world of intrigues and lies with The Night Caller.

The night after David’s notebook filled with names of hostile support callers is lost, a series of mysterious murders commences. One by one, David’s irate customers are killed in cold blood by someone they call the ‘Night Caller’. This killer terrorizes Houston for weeks, showing up in people’s homes and throttling them with a phone cord. The authorities have no clue since the grisly murders are seemingly random.

As David learns that the victims are the very people in his list, he vows to find the notebook and the person who has it. He figures out who among his acquaintances is trying to frame him up, before everyone in the list dies. Could the killer be Matt, who badly wants David? Could the jilted Adam, the intern obsessed with Matt, be the suspect in this crime?

Short Stories

Dead End Job
The manager of a zombie crew suspects that a new employee is alive because he couldn’t possibly be attracted to a zombie.

Deep in space, Geneticode’s scientists hack genetic code, experimenting far from the prying eyes of ordinary people. Michael Fine, the colorless result of early hacks, is sent to these ships to discover who amongst clones, experiments, or scientists have gone mad and to salvage the data. It’s a decent job until he’s assigned to find the madman who is bleaching corpses to resemble him.


Model Men
Gay Erotic Stories
Who hasn’t experienced a pang of lust or longing at a photo of a male model? Whether a hundred times life size on a billboard or romping through the pages of a glossy magazine in his Calvins, Tommys or Ralphs, the male model is the gold standard for masculine beauty. The characters in these stories run the gamut, from the billboard-gracing Aiden in Cynthia Hamilton’s “Big Picture,” to life models in drawing classes, to runway models, to ordinary guys immortalized in a catalog shoot in T. Hitman’s “When Gary Met Larry.” They hook up with artists, photographers, roommates and lovers, in locations from New York to Miami to a beach in Australia, and many places in between.

Tightends, edited by Lori Perkins
Erotic Anthology story, The Not-At-All Offensive Lineman
Everyone loves football. But if you close your eyes, and think about the game, you might be thinking about more than touchdowns – it’s those luscious tightends that get the attention they so richly deserve. In these pages you’ll find 11 delightful “tails” of man-on-man lust and muscle on the playing field – and in the locker room and bedroom. Contributors: Ryan Field, Gregory Norris, Johnny Murdoc, G.S. Wiley, Derek Clendening, T. Hitman, Clancy Nacht, Garland, Rebecca Leigh, Jo Atkinson, and Heidi Champa.

I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus, edited by Lori Perkins
M/M Anthology story, Best Christmas Ever
A sizzling collection of m/m Christmas stories that will keep you warm on a cold winter’s night! Enjoy stories by: Ryan Field, Derek Clendening, Clancy Nacht, J.L. Merrow, Liz Coldwell, and Adrian Harper.

Beknobs and Beanstalks, edited by EM Lynley
M/M Erotic Anthology story, Jack and the Peenstalk
“Fairy tales are not just for children anymore! In this deftly edited collection of very adult stories, EM Lynley has put together nine stories based on the classics.” –Rainbow Review (4.5 stars) An erotic collection of m/m fairy tales! Once upon a time. As children, those four words told us we were about to enter a brand-new world: scarier, happier, more enchanted than our everyday life. No matter our own particular expectations and experience with fairy tales, we knew we were in for a wild ride. Handsome princes would save beautiful damsels in distress and the ogres never got the girl. Perhaps in our own stories, or in our own lives, we aren’t quite satisfied with those happily-ever-afters. What sound-minded prince would choose any of those airheaded bosomy blondes that populate familiar animated versions of the original, much darker, and more ominous tales made famous by the Brothers Grimm? Not to mention, fairy tales were often used as bedtime stories. Well, put all that behind you and prepare for a new type of fairy tale. Not only are they guaranteed to get you into bed. though not for sleep, you won’t find a single of those old-fashioned stereotypical characters. Instead enter a world where a magic cock ring can grow into a mighty peenstalk, or an unhappy shepherd can meet the sexiest wolf imaginable. A Japanese youth with the strength of a bear finds himself weak in the face of a beautiful samurai, and a young man in a ball gown can charm a prince to distraction. These are but a few of the adventures that await you, once upon a time!


A Model Boyfriend
M/F Erotic Contemporary
Read an excerpt
Andrea “Andy” Gibbons and her boyfriend Mike have grown apart. Mike doesn’t understand why Andy won’t grow up and give up art. Andy doesn’t understand what happened to the math geek she fell in love with. Neither is willing to flinch, leaving them locked in a stand-off where neither is satisfied and Andy overlooks Mike’s indiscretions.

It isn’t until Andy meets male model Brandon that she questions whether her relationship with Mike is going to ever work again. Brandon is not only beautiful, but he is also studying to be a filmmaker and seems to really get Andy. Even better, he doesn’t want to change her. Will she find a way to let go of Mike and embrace the future with a model boyfriend?


Smooth: Erotic Stories for Women, edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel
Erotic Anthology story, Naked

The caress of skin against skin, the warmth of another’s touch, relishing the sight that few others get to see – these are the reasons that disrobing before sex can be so gratifying. The stories in Smooth, collected by award-winning erotica editor Rachel Kramer Bussel, capture the heat of being stripped bare, of flaunting your body, and of reveling in pure sensuality. Read along as women get tattooed, become “the sushi girl” at a restaurant, strip on the subway, go commando, host tea parties, enjoy sploshing and much more. Featuring stories by Donna George Storey, Heidi Champa, Angela Caperton, Charlotte Stein, Louisa Harte, Jacqueline Applebee, Susan St. Aubin, Clancy Nacht, and more, these adventurous characters have more to reveal than just being naked.

Surrender: Erotic Tales of Female Pleasure and Submission
Erotic Tales of Female Pleasure and Submission
Good BDSM erotica makes us understand all the emotions that can come into play when, well, playing: there can be uncertainty, nervousness, fear, excitement. Each of the 22 stories in Surrender are blazingly hot and because they illuminate some aspect of submission. The authors of the stories understand the art of submission and the thrill of surrender, whether that’s personal space, sight (“Without Eyes” by Terri Pray) or culinary choices (“Lunch” by Elizabeth Coldwell).What the women here want is to give up part of themselves to gain something else. They may still be skittish, but overcoming their fears, surrendering to them, yields beauty, pleasure and, in its way, power.

Women in Lust: Erotic Stories
Lust is urgent, overpowering, and potent. While in real life readers may not always act every time desire calls, in fiction, they can abandon the safety of propriety to seek out lust and sex wherever they find them. The characters in Women in Lust may vary in the objects of their lust, and how they go about acting on it, but what connects them is that pure impulse for a lover. Sometimes he is someone she knows well, a boyfriend or a husband; in other stories, he is a stranger, and is desirable precisely because he represents the unknown. Whether watching a lover playing guitar, going out for a smoke or simply engaging in a chance encounter, these women seize the opportunities presented to them, and savor the lovers who teach them about themselves, helping open them up to new sensual possibilities.

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