Okay, so it’s been here for a few days, but I’m still gathering my thoughts.


I’m very interested in the tunnels that Hannibal and Will are in. Are those the steam tunnels that supposedly run under Hannibal’s Baltimore home that connect him to the rest of the city–which is how he can get from place to place so quickly?

Is there a combination of the book Hannibal and Red Dragon for this season? With the casting of Inspector Pazzi, it looks like Hannibal is in Italy, but with the news of the casting of Dolarhyde and Molly, that’s definitely Red Dragon.

We also get a peek at what is theoretically (in Hannibal Rising) what appears to be Hannibal’s aunt. Quite curious as to where this is going. The trailer doesn’t have much with Red Dragon. It mostly centers on Will and Hannibal, a Hannigram’s dream trailer, but I’d be surprised if they saw much of each other until the end.

My thoughts, just based on a two minute trailer, is that the story will be mostly Hannibal, with some flashbacks thanks to the aunt (who looks young to be an aunt…obviously there are going to be quite a few changes to Hannibal’s origin story, i’m intrigued to see what they’ll be!) to squeeze in some Hannibal Rising and then the set up of Red Dragon that wouldn’t be resolved until next season.

Here are some big spoilery rumors about season 3. They include episode names and numbers, so click with caution. Even if you’ve read the books, obviously there’s some differences and some specificity may be more than what you want. It does speculate on Hannibal’s sexuality but apparently the author couldn’t wrap their head around the possibility of bisexuality.

In any case, we won’t know until this summer. I’m bummed that the release was pushed out, but at the same time, that may be the show’s best shot for success. It’s okay. I’m patient.

In the interim, I’d like to promote my book that was inspired by Hannibal. It’s not Hannigram (though I did write one of those on AO3 if you’re interested) but it does feature a Hannibal-like figure in my short story Still Remains. It’s a m/m sensual horror story, so if you’re into it, please check it out.