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Deep in space, Geneticode’s scientists hack genetic code, experimenting far from the prying eyes of ordinary people. Michael Fine, the colorless result of early hacks, is sent to these ships to discover who amongst clones, experiments, or scientists have gone mad and to salvage the data. It’s a decent job until he’s assigned to find the madman who is bleaching corpses to resemble him.

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Dead End Job
Gay Horror/Erotic
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The manager of a zombie crew suspects that a new employee is alive because he couldn’t possibly be attracted to a zombie.


Zombiality: A Queer Bent on the Undead, edited by Bill Tucker
Gay Horror Anthology story, Till the Last Beat
Zombiality: A queer bent on the undead. “Zombies don’t care who you love … they want to eat us all.” This book contains 28 stories with a perspective on zombies never quite imagined before. These stories reflect a variety of queered lives and experiences and explor the depths of what a zombie is. From the traditional to the fantastical, these stories are sure to entertain all of humankind.

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