Angelina of TwoLips Reviews gave me 4 lippys (I think they’re lips but I think of them as lippys) for my short story “A Certain Pressure in the Pipes!”

She says:

A Certain Pressure in the Pipes is vintage Clancy Nacht. Her m/m stories always feature humor, intelligence, surprising bits of poetry, and enough raw man-sex to leave you flushed. The characters offer the promise of complexity and their situation offers the promise of multiple layers of plot, but the 40 short pages they’re given doesn’t allow either the characters or the plot to develop. While it lacks the emotional punch of Black Gold, or even the aching longing of The WASPs, A Certain Pressure in the Pipes is good for what it is: a short, funny, erotic interlude.

This was among the first pieces I published and it’s with Noble Romance–a great place not afraid to take chances on new authors. I learned a lot publishing there. They’re great!

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