I’ve been kind of flying under the radar as far as reviews have been concerned so it was great to be surprised by this when it came up in my google alerts. I’m terribly excited, which is dorky, but then, I’m pretty excited any time anyone reads my stories to start with, so there you go. I’m a dork. We all knew that.

“A Certain Pressure in the Pipes,” my Steampunk, m/m erotica story received a lovely review at Seriously Reviewed:

“A Certain Pressure in the Pipes was a surprise for me. I haven’t read much in the Steampunk genre and after reading this story, I’ll be picking up more. Historical meets futuristic. Add in some hot man on man action and campy humor and you have a story that I couldn’t put down.”

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4 thoughts on “A Certain Pressure in the Pipes Review

  1. I can understand why you’re giddy over this review–it’s unadulterated happy with your steampunk. Congratulations! The ball’s rolling . . . (pun intended. ;))

    1. I’m so happy about it. It was my first stab at that genre, though I’ve enjoyed reading it. It was so much fun to write, I love when it translates into something fun to read.

      Hehe–you said ball.

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