Black Gold is one of Joyfully Reviewed’s February Recommended Reads.

Black Gold skillfully blends an imaginative look at the cut throat music industry with an incredibly passionate love story. This is a raw and gritty drama woven into a romance that begins with baby steps and results in a powerful commitment. While there are a few bumpy scenes that push reality, it is wonderful fun to envision Jett and Goldie challenging their version of authority and making their relationship work. Black Gold is a riveting page turner with an emotionally intense storyline, as well as powerfully erotic and tender moments. I Joyfully Recommend Black Gold as the winner.

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And if you were waiting for it to be on Kindle…Black Gold is on Kindle now!

I’m slightly excited. It’s been a pretty good day.

In fact, there’s another review, but I’m going to post it later because, you know, too much at once and also I’m tired .

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