This story reminds me of when Thursday Euclid and I were talking about what we were going to do with Le Jazz Hot. It was intended to be a very over the top romcom, like the sort you saw in the early 00s where they were totally goofy and unbelievable, but charming in their own way. And *sigh* oh romantic!

A proper romcom has to have certain elements: one big lie/secret, Two people who are in love, a confession of the lie, time apart to figure out if the lie/secret is something that the protagonist can live with, and the Grand Gesture.

I’m sure there are a lot of other subtleties that I’m glossing over because I keep looking at this picture and laughing.


In Le Jazz Hot, a firefighter meets a drag queen at his birthday party, falls in love, but believes he’s a she. The firefighter then persues the drag queen through her “twin brother” who is the drag queen out of drag. Obviously, this can only go on for so long before the truth comes out and then the firefighter has to decide if he loves the drag queen enough to keep seeing him.

Well, of course he does. So we write it up that the whole station is happy for this revelation and they take the firetruck so that the firefighter can show up at the window of the drag queen’s apartment to show that he wants to date.

Of course, the drag queen is not prepared for someone to show up to his window, so in alarm, he calls the firefighter and the argue about the weirdo outside of his window. It’s pretty cute.

This story from Jezebel…

Crane Smashes Through Home After Marriage Proposal Goes Horribly Wrong

That’s, you know, the other way it could’ve gone. The truck apparently overbalanced and crushed the neighbor’s house when a man wanted to level up his relationship with his lady to marriage status. The good news: she said yes. The bad news, I’m not sure where the neighbors will live now.

Oh well. Love conquers all?