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OUT NOW: book 2 “False Flag” with Thursday Euclid Sexy romantic thriller with an undercover Pomeranian, a FBI agent who likes being called daddy, and a pink-haired hacker who has issues with authority. #gayromance#enemiestolovers

Sequel to Rainbow Award-winning m/m romantic suspense The Phisher King.

FBI Agent Callum Riggs and hacker Hunter Walsh have settled into a quiet, contented life together with their Pomeranian, Bruiser. Under a hostile new administration, Cal’s changing duties at the Bureau frustrate his career and personal ambitions. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to Cal, Hunter pursues vengeance against his would-be rapist Chad, following him into the heart of Seattle’s blossoming Alt-Right scene.

Will Cal’s handsome former partner Justin Barnes and Hunter’s mounting pile of secrets drive a wedge between them? With Barnes trying to woo Cal away from his current life, Hunter in too deep with a band of White Nationalists, and the authorities focused on all the wrong suspects, will Cal and Hunter find a way to save Seattle before tensions explode?

This sexy 60k romantic thriller contains: an undercover Pomeranian, a buff FBI agent who likes being called daddy, and a pink-haired hacker who has serious issues with authority.

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Book 1 “The Phisher King” with Thursday Euclid FREE on KU

5 thoughts on “False Flag Out Now

  1. I just read both books back to back and loved them! Please tell me there will be other books to come in this series. I need more Hunter, Cal, and Bruiser in my life. 🙂

    1. We’re definitely coming out with a book three… and just maybe a book 2.5 about Sam Dupre’s adventures, in which Cal and Hunter (and Bru!) will be supporting characters. You heard it here first. 🙂 Thanks so much for reading and letting us know you liked the novels! It means a lot to us.

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