Yesterday after I posted my Hannibal Feels, I had the bestest time with other Fannibals (fans of the NBC show “Hannibal”) in the comments! I didn’t quite realize that there was such a big fandom. I haven’t really been part of one since Harry Potter. Even the RuPaul’s Drag Race fandom isn’t as big, apparently.

I was feeling pretty high on life right up until I saw my linkies I was posting on Facebook had a response from a friend of, “I find this show repulsive.”

No RuPaulogies



Then I had to laugh, ’cause repulsive is sort of the point of a show centered around a cannibal. It’s not the same as when I watch one of their dippy family-friendly sitcoms and am repulsed by the sexism, genderism, homophobia, etc.

Just a couple of hours earlier davecrewe called something I said about feeding dogs undead skin to distract them more disturbing than the show on aquitainequeen‘s journal and I responded, “I probably shouldn’t take that as a compliment,” but was told, “That was meant as a compliment.”

Of course it was. Which is why from now on I’m only talking to Fannibals. Or something.


20 thoughts on “Fun with Fannibals

    1. My final comment to my Facebook friends on the subject was, “So I guess I won’t be having you for dinner?”

      Honestly, you’d think people would be less rude to people who are fans of HANNIBAL.

        1. I rate their survival instinct as low. They will remain as friends if only as fodder for the coming zombie apocalypse.

          1. Who knows, maybe they’ll come around to our way of thinking…eventually. HANNIBAL can, after all, be an acquired taste…

            Hey, if it works for tea and coffee, it can work for us.

            (Not me, though; I hate tea and coffee.)

          2. We can’t be friends.

            Unless you let me have the tea and coffee you’re not having. You can have all my sodas.

            I think someone’s just earned a check plus in sharing!

          3. It is a done deal. You shall have one type of caffeine based stimulant, I shall have the fizzy kind, and together we will stay up until unreasonable hours thinkin’ about cannibalism!!!

            (Hannibal the film, omg.)

          4. (A new film, right? The Anthony Hopkins one was okay but I’d like to see one with the new cast.)

            (and a new script. *wrinkles nose*)

          5. I was thinking about the old one, actually:
            Krendler: Starling? What are you doing in the dark?
            Clarice: Thinkin’ about cannibalism.

            But oh god, yes yes YES. I would LOVE to see the show get to that point in the canon and…yeah, get to work with a better script. Do you think they should stick to canon when it comes to that part?

          6. Nah, I’m willing to go outside of canon since we’ve seen what canon does. Well, mostly. They changed the ending of Hannibal.

            And I think Bryan Fuller said that Miriam has fulfilled the obligation Will has to the canon, more or less. To keep Will in they’d have to do Red Dragon which I think if we get all the seasons we want will be covered but… you know seeing the Hannibal plot with Will instead of Starling I’d be all for. With the original ending.

          7. I love the ending of Hannibal the book too; I was so annoyed when they changed it in the film – although, I suppose there was only so much they could do/get away with…

            I do hope we get to the Hannibal book version of things! I think Fuller said he hoped to get to the point where Will, and a Clarice Starling substitute, teamed up to face Lecter once and for all! That would be so wonderful and harrowing and heartbreaking!

          8. That really would be! I hope we get to that point. If NBC isn’t agreeable seasons wise that’s when I’d like to see a movie. Underneath my dapper Hannibal personsuit is a browncoat 🙂

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