So I guess I should probably be embarrassed by my shady fanfic past, but you know, I learned a lot from it. About writing, about human nature, and a lot about myself. Anyway, every so often I get a little award from past good deeds and over the weekend (an Easter miracle?) I got a little notice in my inbox about a little prize here:

Quidditch Pitch Story of the Month Standing Alone

So, you know, I’m dorky and like writing about wizards. Add that to your ever-growing list of my quirks.

I really had a huge debate whether to ever say anything about my fandom writings, but a very wise NYT Bestselling writer pointed out that it’s writing, it’s good and you should be proud of it. So here I am. Proud of Potterworks.

And I mean, really, some of the stories have been translated into Spanish, Russian, Turkish, and German. That’s really… a lot of time to spend poring over my words and I get so tickled about it. It seems a shame to not mention those things. I mean, that does mean there’s an audience for my brand of wackiness. At least when it’s free…. We shall see what it translates into.