It’s National Pet Day! I thought I’d remind those who haven’t, that we do have a few pet-themed books, but in particular, I wanted to share Cats & Doges which I wrote with Thursday shortly after losing my beloved senior cats. It does get a little heavy with some mourning and the difficulties of going to shelters to find that perfect pet, but it does have a very sweet and slow burn. And, of course, an adorable cat (that looks like my kitty now!) and a Shiba Inu.

Anyway, I figured it was something a lot of people could relate to. I’ve seen a few people who have lost their pets lately and it’s devastating. The bond with your pet is so difficult to explain sometimes, but volunteering at the shelter and talking to people on FB, it made me feel less alone. I wrote the book mostly to process and to honor, but also to share.

National Pet Day is making me think of all of those kitties who got me through tough times and I hope that they felt spoiled and loved.

And slowly, they’re all becoming immortalized in my stories.