I’m so happy to announce that our most recent collaboration, tentatively titled, “You’re Welcome. Love, Your Cat” has been accepted at Loose Id! I’m going to wrap up my end of the paperwork tonight and then it’ll be off to Thursday but hopefully soon we’ll have more details.

It’s a little May/December, some nice comfort and, of course, there are a couple of cats that oversee everything. Oh and did I mention a hot mechanic? Hm. I must’ve forgot that part. We’re kind of taking some of our love of classic cars, love of hometown Austin, and, you know, I’m a crazy cat lady, and Thursday’s love of history for the romantic lead, a history professor, and smashing it all together.

I think it’s quite charming, but I guess that’s my job. Hopefully you will, too!

And… drag race. OMG. It’s getting so tight now! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Alaska, but you never know how it’s going to go. There isn’t really a queen I dislike in this final four, but I ain’t their momma so I have a total favorite.

I’m a little curious about “Defiance” but it chose a bad time to be on. If it’s any good I’m sure SyFy will have a catch up session. Actually even if it isn’t good I’m sure they’ll play it a million zillion times. Their series are always so hit or miss for me. I really like “Being Human” but I think I catch the eps on an “alternate time” late on Fridays. Good stuff, though.

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