The good news is that usually when I’m quiet, it means I’m writing elswhere, which is usually book-related and rarely just me smarting off at Huffinton Post peoples. At least, not for that long.

But I did take a little time off to submit to a little Q&A of the Joyfully Reviewed variety, so if you want to see what random answers I came up with on a random day, you can see me very candidly disavowing any truth to my statements because even people who do not know the word “mercurial” would agree that it is a very politic way of describing me.

Rick Perry at City Hall

Yes, that is Rick Perry smiling at yours truly just before he got on stage at the first big Teaparty Rally at Austin City Hall and proclaimed that he could see why Texas would want to secede. I knew he wasn’t serious because he kept his hair under a hat.

And then, because I’m seriously debating doing a quickie little thingy for it, and at the very least, crossing my fingers that someone will write a little Rick on Rick action (Santorum/Perry) so I don’t have to, check out Hail to the Slash. Slash about and/or around presidential/vice presidential candidates and any other world leader of any time you feel like smutting up.

Part of me would like to write about the pair of Ricks nerd slapping each other over who gets to be the biggest nelly bottom, but I’m truthfully afraid that it will render me impotent for weeks after as my brain tries to deny it inhabits this skull.

This is the same brain that wrote about coffee enemas, so you can only imagine how frightening this scenario in my head must be.