Finally, I finished editing the book. I was expecting a rougher edit from the book people, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be. So naturally, I had to be a prima donna bout my own writing and go in and rewrite several sections. Maybe 5 paragraphs were left unscathed.

So if it’s bad, it’s not the editor’s fault. It’s mine. But then, it’s my name on it, so it should be my fault.

Part of me is nervous since this is self-published. Not that I gave it much of a college try the regular route. Waiting just isn’t in my nature. Not when I know that I can do it myself. And not when I actually enjoy doing a lot of it myself.

Things are moving along. It does look like they’re trying to downplay the gayness of the book, so I’m making some adjustments to the press release and who it’s being sent to. It’s great having somewhere to start from, though. I’m sure in a mass-market way, playing down teh ghey is smrtr, but it is what it is. The book gets far too purple towards the end to pretend. Just the way I like it.