True Detective. Now it’s getting thick. I’m not going to recap so much as give thoughts and ideas as I go at this point.

Ledoux. This is the man, apparently. We’re hot on his trail. A two man team and they’re going to take him down in an unconventional way. None of this seems to be getting much push back from the force that seems otherwise pretty well regulated. All these back channels and no one’s questioning it. Huh? The case is coming together easy, maybe too easy in some ways, but only in that too easy way that a detective wouldn’t question.

See because we’ve got Rust and Hart and they’ve had to fight their way through hell to get their witness and Rust, well he has a dark stain on his soul and that’s why he can’t meet this demi-religious dirt bag meth cooker. It’s all spooky. Surface spooky. The hooks fit, right? In a surface way.

Marty’s gotta follow their one connection to Ledoux out into the middle of nowhere to where the meth cooker is. Their yellow king, or at least a bottle blond tall guy who, in a pinch could be a yellow king. His horns haven’t even proper grown out of his forehead, but otherwise he fits the part with some incriminating tattoos. Devil traps are everywhere and in the back? In the back are one dead child with two other abused and starving, waiting to be tortured and killed. The main cooker, the tall yellow one mumbles insane bullshit, talks the insane babble that he probably relieves, but god only knows what he thinks. I mean, he’s a meth head, so whatever.


Marty comes out, infuriated by seeing tortured children, and shoots the guy in the head. Rust is left to fix the scene like a shoot out so they can get the children out and make them look like heros. Interesting as that is, that’s not even the point. The point is, these guys were the pawns. This operation with their “protective devil traps” were the pawns. This was the shit you put out there to feed the cops to hide the really big shit. In the game of chess, you want the yellow king. These were the pawns.

After the celebration, Rust catches out a guy for a double homicide who offers insight into the Yellow King. The big guy. The one who kills the real people, the antlers. Not the one killing kids. The big 7-year-apart murders. The big guns. It’s a conspiracy that goes deep. The one that needs to be kept so quiet, they send on a task team to bury it.

Before Rust has his chance, the guy kills himself in the cell. This is clearly what kills their friendship, as I suspected from the start. As that there was an actual 7-ish year span between the murders. These others are only tangentially connected. Could be copycats. Or just allowed for other reasons. Hard to say yet.

Rust wants to learn more, but you already see the questions between them and Rust digging deeper. This is something he’s going to need to do alone. To be approached, he’s going to need to go deep undercover to really see it, to be trusted.

Theories on the Yellow King. Noticed in this episode that those who could see the darkness in Rus were those who had darkness, “Saw you in Carcosa in my dream” “See a real darkness in your eyes.” He has seen the darkness, been the madness, he will have to get to the madness to bring it down, that’s what I look forward to seeing.

I suspect the darkness in a man in a suit. I saw one in the preview in next week’s episode, in a yellow tie. A man who leads a church. Many old churches have been desecrated with old paintings and devil traps–maybe to claim them for satanic power, maybe to try and trap the evil spirits. Who knows until we know what they mean?

Very curious as to where this is going. Feel like we’re being pulled into the direction of Rustin as Yellow King but I’m not buying it. I think that’s what the task force would definitely want the world to believe, though.That would seem to be the way for them to play their part of the game.

Preview episode 6 trailer: