Cats & Doges book cover

Can two friends bridge the gap to become lovers?

Loneliness isn’t the half of it. Underemployed and gay, Ian Warwick is used to life on his own, but until now he’s always had his beloved cat Jeffrey to see him through. When he has to put down his ailing cat, it’s almost too much to bear. In his mid-twenties with no one to come home to, Ian sets out to adopt another kitty. Surely finding the perfect feline soulmate can’t be that hard, can it?

For bisexual computer engineer Colin Marks, success comes easily. He’s smart, stylish, and has no trouble finding a relationship. However, Colin always wants the ones he can’t have, and at twenty-nine, none of his dates has ever led to love. He has a new house, a sporty coupe, and a good career… Maybe a dog will make that house a home?

When both guys mention to a mutual friend that they’re looking to adopt pets, she sets them up. Ian and Colin decide to be shelter buddies, but neither realizes how long or difficult the process will be–or how profound a bond they’ll form in their search.

Despite spending all their spare time together, Ian and Colin remain staunchly independent…at least, until rambunctious tabby kitten Penny and fastidious Karma the Shiba Inu mix enter their lives. The girls are inseparable, and when Ian and Colin adopt them, they do so with a promise to their former guardian that they’ll give them regular playdates. Now there’s more than just the sacred bond of shelter buddies binding the men, how will they handle the pressure?

Colin thinks Ian’s only interested in feline companionship, and Ian can’t shake his uncertainty about Colin’s bisexuality. Neither sees a romantic relationship with the other as a possibility, and they willfully ignore their undeniable chemistry even as their days grow more entwined.

With the help of two adorable matchmaking pets, can a grieving cat person and a cagey dog person become more than just friends?

This friends-to-lovers story features a young gay man unpacking his biphobia and the insecurities that cause it. A slow burning, happy ending romance of 70,000 words.

Coming November 14, 2017 exclusive to Amazon Kindle. FREE on KU