Prince Charming Wears Garters cover

With a job as a senior art director at a local ad agency, Sara’s life is on track. But when Chuck, a womanizing account executive, demands to work with her and, worse, seems to have his sights set on her, Sara has to figure out if she wants peace in the office or if the clean-cut sexy salesman in a suit with a kink for wearing ladies’ lingerie is too tempting to resist.

Please note for all of my usual readers, this is a m/f story, but there is some genderfuckery, obviously. I decided to capitalize on my history of working in advertising along with this vision I had of John Hamm wearing lingerie under those nice suits of his. Mmhmm. Ain’t nuthin’ wrong with that.

It also explores some of the dynamics for women at work which is why it had to be a m/f story. Gender expression and exploration has been a running theme through a lot of my recent work so this is in that vein. That’s not all that it’s about, obviously it’s a romance with a happily ever after and hopefully you’ll find it entertaining and hot.

Out July 22, 2014 on Loose Id

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