Theo works day in and day out at the office, the lone live manager of the zombie crew. Then a new worker comes in, and Theo begins to suspect that the employee might actually be alive—because there’s no way Theo could find himself irresistibly and frighteningly attracted to a zombie.

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Now available on Dreamspinner Press for $1.49

This is another of those stories that I had sort of a hard time placing, but I persevered, just needing the right publisher and the right theme. It’s actually a really sweet story and no undead people are molested. And, as always, sexy mansex is included.

“A Certain Pressure in the Pipes,” my m/m Steampunk romance, will be published by Noble Romance June 28.

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    1. Aww thank you! It’s a short story, though. I’m not really releasing full novels at this frequency. Mostly novellas. I try to commit to at least one hour of work on writing or editing or promoting every day. It adds up!

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