Hannibal is just plain on a roll. What’s funny to me is that it’s all the same guy doing all of this killing but because it’s not in the tidy packet of three, they can’t really attribute it to the Ripper. I imagine this happens a lot because people love to group things and when you think outside of the box, it’s very confusing. I wonder sometimes how many female serial killers who just don’t do patterns are running amok because everyone’s looking at white dudes waiting for them to explode.

So, sayonara Georgia Lass Madchen. Buh bye Abigail Hobbs. Hello Will-Orange-Isn’t-Your-Color Graham.

Georgia and Will have a nice hyperbolic hyperbaric chamber-side conversation about how they’ll never figure out what’s wrong with Will because he’s mentally ill and there’s no real good fix for that. She reveals that she’s dreamed that it was Will who killed Dr. Sutcliffe but she couldn’t see his face. It makes sense since usually people get MRIs in nice suits covered in plastic. But hey, she was mostly dead for years and had face blindness. But did she have couture blindness?



Hannibal brings Will silkie chicken in a broth, which Will translates to “chicken soup” which is, more or less, what it is. If you check out that article, not that Janice Poon uses cut up tampons for steam. In the food. God, there’s no good way to put that but it’s an interesting tidbit.

Over breakfast soup, Hannibal finds out that Will has been chatting with Georgia, which isn’t really good for him. It probably seems like Hannibal is tying up loose ends quickly, but at any moment Will might get his empathy rays and working and he’d be in trouble. Hannibal’s playing the long game in some ways. In others, he’s really just exercising his curiosity.

Next scene, Georgia wakes up in her hyperbolic hyperbaric chamber after a door slams. Viola! A comb for her lovely hair. She doesn’t question why there’s a plastic comb or much of anything, just starts brushing. Later we find that her “grounding bracelet” which is important for not having flammable static flying around in pure oxygen, must’ve been removed, because brush, brush, brush and bam, sparks! And Georgia’s roasted.

Mystery comb. What could possibly go wrong?

Mystery comb. What could possibly go wrong?

I guess since she was a suspect the FBI is there investigating. Jack thinks it must’ve been suicide but Will doesn’t believe she was suicidal. But, her bracelet was off and who just throws a comb in a hyperbolic hyperbaric chamber? But then, what do they think, she went down to the gift shop and got it herself? This is where it’s not going to look good for Will.

Freddie Lounds is awesomely insinuating herself and her writings into the book she’s writing for Abigail by using her headlines for the chapter titles. Freddie is also sussing out that Abigail probably killed deranged brother dude Nick Boyle because she’s way too defensive about it. Abigail still believes Nick Boyle killed her friend Marissa so aside from self-defense, she’s feeling pretty good about killing Nick, a fact she shares later with Will.

For purposes of Abigail, Freddie is ready to pin Nick Boyle’s death on Will (‘cause why not?) and Jack for pinning Marissa’s murder on Boyle. Abigail, bless her heart, seems upset to have killed an innocent man.

Will dreams of zombie!Georgia who gets impaled by the direStag and goes up in flames. In his mind, this connects her death to the copycat. See? See? He goes to tell Jack this who threatens him with a thermometer. Sounds like it could get kinky.

Instead of sticking a thermometer in him, they go to #teamScience and find the comb. Sutcliffe is still in the morgue drawers looking good but earlier, Georgia looked well healed up. I’m not sure how long it takes to heal in an oxygenated environment. Am I losing time now? Will is bent on proving Sutcliffe was a copycat which may wind up blowing up in his face. Blowing up. Face. Gosh, that’s such insensitive phrasing.

So, Will logics out that Nick Boyle couldn’t possible be the copycat who killed Marissa because the person who killed her obvs killed Dr. Sutcliffe and then Georgia, which is true but anyone just watching Will sweating and going crazy, Jack has to ask, “Is it because of the fever?”

Jack chats with Hannibal and gets the very real and true sense that Hannibal is holding out on him. He doesn’t know what yet but his hunch seems to be he’s helping out Will so he goes to talk to Hannibal’s psychiatrist. So he goes to visit Gillian Anderson who seems quite able to play poker with Hannibal but goes all :O when Jack asks about Hannibal’s relationship to Will.

Wine makes me sleepy... and kind of a crap liar.

Wine makes me sleepy… and kind of a crap liar.

She’s also kind of a bad liar about the patient who attacked her. Somehow the attacker “swallowed his tongue.” The attacker? Referred by Hannibal. So no wonder he feels responsible. Puts a spin on his seeing her. Is it for his benefit or so he can evaluate her? Or both? He doesn’t seem like a man who believes in just one motivation. In spite of herself, she says exactly what Hannibal would want her to say. She lets Hannibal know that Jack was sniffing around her and that she said nothing. So no Gillian stew. Yet. Though she does suggest Hannibal stop his Will-pirament, but she does so as a colleague, so maybe that makes her look less appetizing.

Jack returns to #teamScience and they play Jeopardy where Jack poses Will’s theory as a question. #teamScience seems less impressed by Will’s logical hypotheses (‘cause theories are supported by evidence!) and spend time mocking. Jack asks, “Where is Beverly?” Where is she, indeed? Court. I miss her. Jack gets serious about investigating Garret Jacob Hobbs which, they haven’t looked at where all he’s been and when until now? I mean, I get he’s dead and all, but there wasn’t like…anyone making sure he was the dude what done it? “Oh, Will killerated him so I’m sure he’s the right guy. We don’t need to look into where this Hobbs dude was too much.”

Will and Abigail have a chat. She gets Will to really admit that he felt powerful when he killed. Wouldn’t Hannibal just die to have heard that? She kind of slips about helping her dad as the lure. Will hears it, but doesn’t really want to. He decides he needs her to go to Minnesota with him to catch the copycat because, uh, I don’t know. He knows she knows more than she is saying but I guess his empathy-dar isn’t that focused in his fever brain.

So, hospital technology didn’t find the brain-swelling cause, I guess, but he’s less brain-swelly. Maybe better meds than the aspirin? He feels clearer and he’s definitely less sweaty, which isn’t good for Hannibal because Will is definitely mongoosing that snake. Er. So to speak. Will realizes that the copycat must be someone close to the investigations. Hannibal points out that Will is close to those investigations (and is also crazy…and has killed…totem of your own, buddy!) which is a great dodge and also plants the seeds so that Will may even doubt his own mind again.

Yeah, probably time to shut it down, Hannibal.

#teamScience returns with the fact that Hobbs bought two tickets for train trips where he killed girls. So like, Jack confronted Abigail with a dead body but didn’t think to see if her dad was making killerating trips for two? No wonder #teamScience is always so caustic. Of course, they now seem to think that Abigail is the copycat so I guess they need Will after all.

Jack goes to pick up Abigail but finds that Will has checked her out of the crazy library. Furious, Jack goes to Hannibal to ask what’s going on between Will and Abigail. Yay for Hannibal because he can now introduce Will having a disassociated personality state. “Thanks for letting me know, Hannibal!” Not that it’s professional for Hannibal to say any of that and Jack doesn’t question why protective Hannibal is suddenly forthcoming, but he just figured out tracing train ticket technology, so there you go. Hannibal plays back recordings that sound very incriminating for Will. It doesn’t take much for Jack to move from Abigail to Will as copycat.

Hannibal implies that Will feels possessed by Hobbs. And now he has his daughter. Who Hobbs intended to kill. Hannibal sadface…until Jack leaves. Done and done.

You led girls to their deaths? I could just kill you! Poor choice of words?

You led girls to their deaths? I could just kill you! Poor choice of words?

Will takes Abigail back to the cabin where he finally manages to intuit that she was the lure for her dad. She accuses him of murdering her friend, points out that he knew about everything that happened with the copycat. The stress is too much for him and he loses time only to find himself on the plane and back in Virginia. Oh Will.

Abigail ditches will and remains in Minnesota where she makes the next logical step and goes “home.” Hannibal is waiting for her in the kitchen where he father died. There she finally asks Hannibal why he called her dad that morning before Hobbs tried to murder her.

To warn him about Will.


I was curious what would happen.

And there you have it. Hannibal has said as much. Lives are just light and air and you can toy with them as you like. They are like songs and this one is over.

Abigail seems to understand he is dangerous, but doesn’t seem to understand that she is in danger until he apologizes. Not that she really has much left now that her lies have been uncovered. We don’t see it, but she’s already proven unpredictable. What’s a dapper serial killer to do?

Next week, season finale.

5 thoughts on “Hannibal Feels: Releves Recap

  1. Oh boy, this episode. They told us it was going to be dramatic, and boy were they right.

    Poor Georgia; I feel she was very much stuffed in the fridge. I would have liked to see more of her, but what can you do?

    So Bedalia isn’t just in Hannibal’s imagination. Do you have any idea of what you’ve just unleashed, woman????

    Do you think Lecter killed Abigail? I think she’s going into the pot. Kind of fitting, really, but that poor girl!

    1. You know, I thought Georgia was a weird dream at first because like… unexpected comb? And how do you get into a hyperbaric chamber with no one noticing? And drop a comb? And… I dunno. So I was in denial for like 10 minutes.

      I think Bedalia is another one of his experiments but she survived. I’m not sure if she’s aware of that or not. He does seem to have her on a pedestal… maybe because she survived.

      Hannibal (we’re still buds so I can still call him by his first name) had to kill her. I think they just didn’t show it so we wouldn’t lose all sympathy or hope for him (though we really should, he’s, you know, not BFF material)

      It will be interesting if he eats her or leaves her body so that there’s some sort of proof of Will’s guilt of something. I don’t think he thinks she’s a pig so maybe not food but… if she’s just missing then maybe there’s less to keep Will on. And Hannibal could use the hope of her being alive to string Will along with. Depends on how…curious…Hannibal is.

    2. You know…

      the note on Jaince Poon’s last blog entry makes me think maybe the future’s kinda freezerburn on Abigail…

      Next week: Tete de Veau – Two sneaky shrinks dine on Rolled Head of Girl Veal.

  2. Oh man I love that food blog. Tampons, though…IDEK. I could have lived without knowing that. Of course, her solution was non-hygiene-product related, but…

    Next time I have to buy tampons, I’m going to blurt awkwardly at the checkout “THEY ARE NOT FOR ME. I AM MICROWAVING THEM FOR STEAM PURPOSES.”

    I think Team Science should probably stage some kind of intervention at this point, cause that shit is bananas b-a-n-a-n-a-s. (I’m picturing Team Science in Gwen Stefani’s Hollaback Girl video, and it pleases me.) I feel like they need to just storm in waving science in the air (science is a thing you can brandish, right? CSI made it look like it was…) and demanding Jack do things logically.

    Basically, I had a lot of feels from that episode but a lot of them were of the >:o variety where I just didn’t even know what to feel or think…

    Except of course that Gillian Anderson is so delicious alive he hopefully lets her continue that way.

    1. Having a tampon in my soup would definitely sour my appetite.

      Poor #teamScience. I mean, you hear about my workplace so it’s not like I find it that difficult to fathom a governmental environment in which the obvious is consistently overlooked. That shit isn’t even as fictional as I wish it were. But… that seems pretty big to me. “Let’s put all our faith in the sweaty man or I’ll use my Big Daddy voice on you.”

      That last scene where Bedelia telling Hannibal he needs to stop with Will Graham was interesting. I wonder if she was the affair he was having that prevented him from getting with Alana before…

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