So as of now you can order it through Xlibiris. That’s right, if you want Clancy Nacht’s “The Night Caller” then you will have to get it here first, before it goes to Amazon and BN.

I’m really sort of shy about it, so I don’t know what else to say just now. Press releases are out, advanced copies on their way as well. I’m planning on reading out a chapter or so for a dlable mp3. Might be able to convince a couple of Second Life book people to let me ramble on at them. We’ll see. But this is where it’s starting. It starts with the book!

And its own url

One thought on “Now Released: The Night Caller

  1. WOOHOOO!!!!!! i am, of course, buying my very own copy as soon as i find out for sure i’ve gotten a job. 😉 congratulations, char–i can’t wait to hold your book in my sweaty little hands and read it all the way through. 😀

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