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Music is very important to me while I write and edit. Sometimes I leave the television on, but it’s usually music that inspires a mood and keeps me on track to the end of a scene. I group those songs into playlists for myself and now I’m sharing my soundtrack for Pride and Justice.

This isn’t all of the music that inspired me, and, I will say that the music is a lot more somber than the story is. I like mellow music, though. A previous officemate said that I listened to a lot of music to get high to. What can I say? I’m a mellow gal.

If nothing else, maybe you’ll find some tunes you didn’t know or revisit some old ones you had forgotten.

More about Pride and Justice:

A percentage of the earth’s population has transformed into surprisingly functional zombies who returned to work the next morning as if they weren’t undead monstrosities. Justice Kinkead, officer in an elite zombie fighting force, gets called out when good zombies go bad, putting down the brain cravers and safeguarding the new economy. After several of his partners succumb to unfortunate deaths, Justice figures he’ll go it alone…until he’s assigned a mysterious and sexy new partner, Merlin Pride, who seems to know more about the zombies’ origins than he’s letting on.

Merlin also seems to sense that Justice needs a good screw, but it’s complicated: Justice still lives with his undead ex-boyfriend. Can Justice make peace with his past? And if he does, should he take a chance on a man who may have something to do with destroying civilization as they knew it?

Genre:LGBTTQ, Fantasy & Paranormal
Cover Artist:P. L. Nunn

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