This is probably one of my most considered works. I’m really pleased with how it came out, my first attempt at a longer length scifi. I’ve definitely written short stories before, including Stay, which is more scifi erotic horror. I wrote on the Dreamspinner Press blog what inspired Strange Times. I’m grateful to them for being out there on that limb with me for my thriller/romance/action story.

I had so much help on this. My husband, Tracy Tucker Faul, Pelaam, and of course, Thursday Euclid. Not to mention the wonderful editors at Dreamspinner Press! I’ve also really been helped and encouraged by the QSFers (Queer Science Fiction) and J. Scott Coatsworth. Thanks everyone, it really takes a village.

Strange Times_Final

In a world decimated by ecological disaster, a despot named GalWon has taken charge of rebuilding and repopulating society. Using aliens to clean the air and as a threat to keep civilians in line, Deprogrammers coerce homosexuals into being straight—or else.

When Alex’s gay pornography is discovered, his brother, Christian, claims it as his own to save Alex’s life. Christian is sent to a concentration camp, only to be broken out by a resistance group bent on thwarting the new world order, including Turk, a former Deprogrammer once branded gay himself but now fighting for freedom.

However, Alex’s troubles aren’t over. With the government’s eyes still on him, he gets caught in a Deprogrammer honey pot scheme, and it’s up to the rebels, and Turk, to rescue him. In the midst of tragedy, Alex falls in love with his rescuer. But in a world where their love is forbidden, following their hearts means risking their lives when the line between good and evil isn’t what it seems. Read an excerpt

Cover Artist: Aaron Anderson

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Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention

2016 Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention