Picture of Hunter Walsh, hacker with pink hair

Cal’s heart pounded. He chewed his bottom lip and tightened his hand on Hunter’s thigh, squeezing gently. “Dunno why I’m doing it. I should be thinking about the case. I should be focused. You’re a complete distraction, and I should resent it, but I just…” Cal glanced at him again, smiling faintly. “I dunno, Hunter. There’s something about you sometimes.”

Then Cal’s common sense broke in, demanding he pull it together, and he returned his hand to the steering wheel. “Shouldn’t be taking advantage of this situation.”

Hunter snorted. “You aren’t that kind of guy. Lot of people are, but you’re legit a goddamned hero.” He smiled and patted Riggs’s shoulder lightly. “Sir.”

Then he looked away again. “But considering the bad guy we’re headed toward, I should let you focus if you need to. Since you’ve decided you don’t need me as back up, you’ll be taking your chances with those FBI people who probably don’t play near enough Call of Duty to be any good at shooting.”

“Oh, yeah. Man, I don’t like my chances. If only I could call in a squad of college-age gaming dorks to watch my six.” Cal sighed dramatically. “This was so much easier to face before I realized my life’s basically forfeit going in with nothing but highly trained FBI agents to cover me.”

Cover depicting man with pink hair that serves as cover for The Phisher King by Clancy Nacht and Thursday Euclid

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