This is planned to be a three-part series, though works as standalone. Currently, the second book is drafted and we’re awaiting the return of our rights on the first one to rebrand and then we can continue it. It’s a sexy erotic horror story and while there is a very deep romance, we do have to emphasize that it is very much horror. These vampires do not sparkle. They decapitate. They destroy. They like it.

The first novel is currently available:

Immortal Sins

Olen Clark is a nighttime security guard at the Houston Museum of Natural History, tormented by a dark past and painfully alone. His beauty and secrets attract the notice of an ancient vampire, Lysander of Sparta–known to Olen as Ander, who enters Olen’s world under a shroud of mystery and captures the spiritually wounded Olen’s imagination. Starry-eyed, with visions of pop culture vampire love filling his head, Olen takes the ultimate risk for love only to discover unlife is nothing like he imagined.

Rather than becoming Ander’s lover, he’s reborn into a cruel vampiric family with sibling rivalry and dangerous lusts beyond his worst fears. With his love for Ander unchanged but his maker keeping him at arm’s length, can Olen make peace with his new brothers and sisters and discover a way to win back the master vampire who still holds his heart? And how far is Olen willing to go to make Ander his and his alone?

Immortal Sins II

Coming soon