Black Gold was the first story that Thursday Euclid and I coauthored. We sent it off to Loose Id and man, it was rough. Like, if you think that there was a lot of talking in the final version, I have to tell you, we cut out a ton. We had no clue but a patient publisher and editor and while I am the sort of author who hesitates to call any work I’ve done perfect, I think it’s quite charming and sexy.

When we finished it, we had no intention of making it a series. Well, to be fair, when we finished it, we had no idea anyone would ever read it. We were overwhelmed with how popular it turned out to be.

But also, as we thought on it, there was something unfinished about their ending. They were such opposites and while it’s all well and good to have that romantic sweeping gesture to be together, how would they work out in the long term?

(That question is at least in part the fault of Z. Allora and VJ Summers. For the record.)

That was the question we asked for the second book, Double Black. We added a secret baby for extra intrigue and got a really sweet teen romance out of the deal. The book was crafted 3 years after we released the first and we’d learned a lot from trial and error. Overall, I feel like it was a more satisfying read and it seemed like a good place to end.

Only…well, through the second book, Goldie’s longing for family was almost painful to write. And as the truth about the secret baby came out, even Jett seemed to feel that baby madness. Trust me, when we first conceived these two, heteronormative marriage and baby was about the last thing on our minds. Yet, here we are, rockstars who were given the opportunity to be married and now they wanted a baby.

This is where the upcoming third book, Heart of Gold, picks up. We’ve just finished the rough draft, so it still has to go through our reread and then beta, and finally to the publisher to see if they feel like it lives up to the rest of the series. I’m actually really proud of this book, and while we had zero intention through the writing to plan a fourth…uh… yeah. So be prepared. These guys have a lot to say (especially ranty McRanterson Jett!) and always have more mountains to climb.

Who knew that our pondering about Matt Bomer’s plight in coming out while leading White Collar would lead to all of this?

If you’re unfamiliar with the Black Gold series, here is the order. There are only two right now, so it’s not too difficult to sort the order, but we’ll be adding more!

While you’re waiting for the next book, have a read of a couple of our Jett and Goldie drabbles. They aren’t on a particular timeline with the books, mostly the boys (okay, mostly JETT) dealing with current events. They’re fun but not necessary reading to understand the stories.


Double Black was the runner-up of the Best Gay Contemporary Romance (William Neale Award)

For Double Black


Double Black


Double Black – Jett & Goldie

Black Gold was a Recommended Read on Joyfully Reviewed