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After seeing what awesome books/authors we were up against, I was stoked to be a Rainbow Award Finalist in the highly competitive Best Gay Contemporary Romance (William Neale Award) category. I mean, I love Jett and Goldie, but there was some seriously fierce competition. The one thing that I said and that I truly believe is that you can’t really feel bad not winning when so much talent and warm hearts are all around you.

Also, there’s part of me that gets a little rankled at the idea of art and competition. I mean, there’s not really a way that you could steroid up your book to win something like this. You write what you write and you hope people love it.  But back when I put out my first stories, when I was a newb writer, Elisa was there with her reviews and ramblings giving encouragement and it’s hard for me to really express how much that meant to me beyond saying that I don’t know if I’d have the courage to be here doing this without that kindness from a stranger (yeah, I’m maybe a little Blanche…)

And while it’s generally against my nature to pay to enter a contest, I would have done it anyway because of Elisa, but to double down on this being something I believe in, the 2013 Rainbow Awards entry fees were given to the Ali Forney Center in NYC & Colors in LA. So I really feel good about this on multiple levels.

Black Gold 2: Double Black bookcover

Special thanks to Thursday Euclid (of course!) Loose Id, Rory Olsen, Jules Robin, Melanie Tushmore, Wendy Soto, Z Allora, the hubby, and everyone who loves rocker boys! Special thanks to you, Ambien, without which I am totally lost. In fact, I’m usually lost when I’m on you, but only in the best way.

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