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So, JK Rowling is trending and I guess now is where I’ll just say that part of writing Good as Hell was reclaiming some magical worlds that felt torn from us by creators being cruel and unthinking.

Reclaiming Magicians from the show, reclaiming from JK, having our own magic world to play in. Making it fun and silly and full of crack and humor. Is it as good as the source material? I’m not going to claim that.

I hope some find comfort in it,find a home for weirdness. It’s my humor, which trends toward the absurd. I know it’s not going to be for everyone. That’s cool.

And it’s certainly not perfect. Not going to pretend it is. But I hope it’s fun and seen as the celebration of queerness that it’s intended.

And yeah, I do give Elvis some shit for appropriation. Probably less than he deserves, but…

Anyway, that’s what’s in my heart about it. It’s why we wrote it. It was therapeutic and felt rebellious to write in such a dark time in which even places we sought solace were not what we thought.

I really hope it does the same for others. It’s gleeful and incredibly silly and revels in how unserious it is, but there are some real feelings in there too, some that may surprise you.

It’s available for pre-order