Clancy Nacht is a bisexual genderqueer person who lives in Austin. Clancy has published several bestselling romances. Many of her books have been honored with Rainbow Awards; Le Jazz Hot won for Best Bisexual/Transgender Romance & Erotic Romance. In 2013, Black Gold: Double Black was a runner-up for a Rainbow Award. In 2015, Gemini won an Honorable Mention for Gay Erotic Romance and in 2016, Strange Times won an Honorable Mention for Science Fiction. Wyatt’s Recipes for Wooing Rock Stars was a finalist in the highly competitive William Neale Award for Best Gay Contemporary Romance. The Phisher King won second place in the Rainbow Award for Romantic Suspense, 16th for Gay Book of the Year.

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Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention

for Strange Times 


For Gemini


For Double Black

For Double Black


No Tea, No Shade


No Tea, No Shade


You’re Welcome. Love, Your Cat


Double Black


Double Black – Jett & Goldie

Mrs. Condit & Friends Author of the Month Nominee

No Tea, No Shade, November 2013

Mrs. Condit & Friends Author of the Month Nominee

You’re Welcome. Love Your Cat, October 2013



#1 Best Bisexual/Transgender Romance & Erotic Romance

#1 Best Bisexual/Transgender Romance & Erotic Romance

For Le Jazz Hot

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  1. hi, clancy! your site looks great!! i got your note on my blog and wanted to thank you for stopping by–am i right? is this char? congratulations on your novel–i’ll be looking for it!!

  2. Hi Clancy!
    I just read a GREAT review for Black Gold at You should definitely check it out. Then go write another book – I’m totally waiting, and it looks like Angelina is, too!

    1. Wow, thank you very much for pointing that out! For whatever reason, it didn’t show up in my alerts!

      That is such a great review someone’s going to think I wrote it! I’m a little verklempt as it shows she got all of the points we’d hoped to get across and feared didn’t!

      Thank you and thank her!

      I don’t think I’ve used this many exclamation points since it got accepted!

  3. I really loved Semi Precious Weapons. Just finished reading it for the second time. Would really like to see a sequel! I think Jason was such an interesting character.

  4. I’ve just learned of you, from the Comicpalooza listings. You are highly rated by your reviewers, and I look forward to saying hello in person. I do have one question, though…most transgenders are actually hetero, will you write more in the vein of mtf/f?

  5. Wanted to join your newsletter when I click on the contact to do it it went to a dead page. Could you add me to newsletter if you have one.

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