And another awesome review for “I’ll Be Your Man!”

I’m pretty thrilled that our May/December romance is doing so well. It’s a theme that we’ve written a few times, though this is the only one we’ve submitted so far.

Gah. It’s almost a year since Thursday Euclid and I released “Black Gold.”

That was her first published novel and my first with Loose Id. Now we have a couple more under our belts and we’re learning more as we go.

Nothing profound to say, just glad you’re all here. I guess Halloween is sort of my Thanksgiving where I sit back and give thanks for all of the candy and fake blood.

Anyway… another of life’s little treasures is a long review. Even if it’s searing, even if you disagree, it’s nice that someone gave your work that much thought.

The Romance Review’s Valentina Heart had some wonderful things to say:

The age difference is something I love in books. It makes the whole situation more interesting and the conflicts are more often intriguing than not. In this story, it was really written well and not once through the pages did I think how the two aren’t really fitting for each other.

Both characters were really likeable and original in their own way, but it was the son, Kyle, who brought in that bit of spark. His energy and behavior, while irresponsible, was very refreshing in the sea of ‘goodies’ and I for one really liked him.

The story didn’t drag at any point and I read it from the beginning to the end with genuine interest. There are no complications or plot fillers, just a simple story about two men who don’t fit a certain mold and who struggle through their own thoughts as much as they do through other’s condemnation.

And something to make note of:

My two remarks, and the reasons why this is a four star read for me and not a five, are about the sweetness and repetition. I like characters who are realistic, and I like my books that way too. When they cry too much or break down constantly, it’s off putting. I agree it is often sweet and romantic even, but here, it was a tad too much. As for repetition, certain conversations repeated themselves and could have easily been cut out of the story. There is only a certain number of times one wants to read about the same thing, and I wish it was written differently here.

So we’ll keep an eye on that and you should have read all of Valentina Heart’s review at The Romance Reviews website.

If you like what you’ve read, “I’ll Be Your Man” is available at Loose Id and Amazon.

(or anywhere fine smut is sold.)

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  1. “Nothing profound to say, just glad you’re all here. I guess Halloween is sort of my Thanksgiving where I sit back and give thanks for all of the candy and fake blood.”

    That is why I heart you like I do. On this most morbid day, let us all take a moment to reflect on the wonders of tinted corn syrup and childhood obesity. Isn’t life in the first world grand? Yeah, yeah it is.

    1. Now, now, those children are just big boned! Besides, obesity and cavities create jobs for doctors and dentists. Why are you against jobs?

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