Okay, so you’re like, done with Thanksgiving, right? Dry turkey, family fighting, light beer, dull sports competitions…been there, done that.

Bah, I suck at self promotion. Besides, Thursday said all of this better, so I’m going to quote her.

Thanksgiving is a time for togetherness, for in-laws and cousins packing into the living room and watching the game so loudly that you fear you’ll lose your mind. Between the hours of cooking, the inevitable family tensions, and the old sweatpants you spend the whole afternoon wearing after gorging on turkey, it’s easy to be be left wanting nothing more than to escape into a sexier world. So why not spend this Thanksgiving with Clancy Nacht’s A Model Boyfriend?

One of its pivotal scenes takes place at Thanksgiving, a holiday the heroine, Andy, is ill-prepared to celebrate. Despite not knowing how to cook or even owning a turkey pan, she’s determined to make the holiday special for Brandon, her gorgeous love interest. Brandon surprises her–and the reader–by being the best Thanksgiving date a woman could wish for. I won’t spoil it, but needless to say there are sexy results.