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“I don’t know if I could love anyone, but if I could, it wouldn’t be someone who answered to a master.”

A PR professional who gets sucked into the sexy world of politics. A closeted presidential candidate who thinks he’s found love. An assassin who starts to see a life beyond his work. The love triangle that could ruin them all.

Lance Gatsby had no idea what he was getting into when he became a fixer for the presidential campaign of charismatic Elliot Swardson, a married and closeted Republican. Navigating the dark and sexy world of politics leads Lance to rely on an enigmatic assassin who will only give the name Guy.

Some of the shine wears of Elliot when Lance realizes part of his job is to keep the presidential hopeful happy, whatever it takes. But what kind of happiness could Lance find with a cold-blooded killer?

Will Lance try to find a way to fit in Elliot’s shadow all the way to the White House, or will a conspiracy to rig the election and a family secret serve to humanize a mercenary?

This 70k gritty romantic suspense contains a sexy love triangle, opposites attract, mild violence, and much sass.

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