Seems like “Semi Precious Weapons” didn’t get tons of press at the time it came out. It’s probably because I’ve been hiding under a rock that’s hiding under a rug crazily scribbling and editing between quiet moments I get from my day job. Or because I feel like I spent my interesting wad on a first round of interviews and can’t imagine what anyone else would want to know and thus haven’t done tons of publicity.

Either way, seeing a great review is always a good antidote to my neuroses, so I was pretty proud and happy to read:

Semi Precious Weapons is without a doubt an original! Take the world of modeling, a sensible college student, a wild cross dresser, and watch the chaos ensue. Fast pacing, off beat characters, and a rollercoaster love story make this one truly unique. Semi Precious Weapons proves that love comes in many forms and shows up when you least expect it.

Read the whole review at Joyfully Reviewed or just buy yourself a copy and see what the fuss is about!