ETA: Sorry guys, looks like NBC removed the webisodes. Comment if you know where to find them, please!

ETA2: Amazon is the only place I’ve currently found Ceuf. I’m still looking.

This week Hannibal skipped an episode and I skipped last week’s recap because I was just wrung out and worn out from what happened in Boston. It’s apparently with sensitivity to that that they moved what was to be this week’s episode into web exclusives. They cut out the main plot which the rumor is has to do with children who kill.

The webisodes are in six parts and basically cover the relationship portions of that episode that was cut. I’ll note that the intro in part one Bryan Fuller explains that this is only being cut from the US NBC market. If’n you’re out there and have the full episode stashed somewhere…call me!


Ceuf, part 1

Part one starts with Graham telling Hannibal about his experiences “channeling” Garret Jacob Hobbs. Hannibal takes an unseemly amount of interest in this, like he’d like to be the focus of such empathy and understanding. Using the books, it does seem that on some level Hannibal is seeking the ultimate companion–someone to murder with. A lonely God searching for an equal. Perhaps his future actions per the book cannon are an expression of his disappointment that Will did not respond.

Hannibal then shows up at Will’s home while Will isn’t there. He feeds Will’s dogs sausage to keep them compliant and then pokes around in Will’s drawers. Of particular interest is a fishing lure that Will has mounted. Hannibal finishes the fly then penetrates his thumb with the hook. I believe this to be foreshadowing of penetration he wants to happen but I write gay porn. Chances are, there’s something more sinister going on.

Ceuf, part 2

Abigail is damaged by what happened to her and uses strategic scarves to hide her scar. Dr. Bloom visits her at the hospital. She is also wearing a scarf. Hmm.

Apparently group therapy doesn’t work for Abigail, but Dr. Bloom insists it’s the best way before she goes to have a beer with Hannibal. In his office. Where he keeps wine and beer. Well, he is a serial killer, that’s probably not professional either.

Ceuf, part 3

Will & Hannibal talk about their childhoods, though not in great detail. Just enough that Will is aware of Hannibal being an orphan like Abigail and we find that Will never knew his mother. Will’s father was a bit of a nomad who went from town to town working on boats.

Will thanks Hannibal for checking on his dogs which lets us know that that field trip into Will’s home was authorized. But since this isn’t the full episode, I have no clue where he was.

Hannibal makes dinner for Jack Crawford where it is implied that the “rabbit” they were eating was likely a young man who should’ve run faster. Hannibal is disappointed that Jack’s wife does not attend. They discuss Will’s state of mind and Abigail. Hannibal suggest that Jack’s job at the FBI isn’t tearing Will’s psyche apart but is an anchor. Only, not so much.

Ceuf, part 4

Hannibal didn’t agree on the course of treatment for Abigail, so he boosted her from the hospital. Perhaps, as he said to Will, he feels responsible for her now that she’s been orphaned. Or maybe he senses that Will’s intention to bond with her may actually work. It’s better for him if they are isolated from each other–it would make them easier to control and dependent on them.

Ceuf, part 5

As part of therapy, Hannibal feels that Abigail should be tripping balls and doses her with shrooms. His theory, as he sells it to her, is that he could “rewire” her brain by creating positive associations to her bad memories. I’m no doctor, but I don’t think that’s how it works.

But, he makes her the dinner she was having with her parents the night that her father went crazy and killed her mother.

Ceuf, part 6

Dr. Bloom is pretty ticked about this alternate therapy and she doesn’t even know about the shrooms. She is at his house where Hannibal and Abigail are sitting down to dinner. Dr. Bloom joins them, but what Abigail sees are her dead parents. I don’t know if it’s good, but she at least looks happy.

In bed, Jack tries to close the distance between himself and his wife with no success.

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