I finally got a new phone and while either I’m completely pedantic about directions (okay this is true) or Verizon just skips a few steps in their instructions (this is also true) or my poor old phone was just plain fucked (it’s not like I got a new phone for the lulz, tbh) but I could not get the cloud transfer to work at all. Which meant tooling around my phone via USB to pull off my photos.

Oh it was so much easier than emailing them to myself. Lesson learned, I hope.

Anyway, I came across what I consider to be a not at all excessive number of cat photos and have decided to share the bounty that is my redheaded stepchild, Dib.

No, YOU'RE upside down!

No, YOU’RE upside down!


No, YOU’RE contacting the mothership!

No, YOU sleep weird!

No, YOU sleep weird!

No, YOU'RE scared and hiding under the table.

No, YOU’RE scared and hiding under the table.

My cats inspire my writing so much, but never quite so directly as they did in You’re Welcome. Love, Your Cat. They say write what you know, so Forrest has a spooky black feral rescue cat named Nasty. He’s actually named after my Aunt’s cat Rasty, but if it’s one thing I know, it’s feral rescue cats. I currently have three little hams.


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