I know a lot of authors already are working out schedules for their releases. I wish I knew that much or felt that much in control. There are a couple of stories in submission process, but for the most part, we have a bunch of finished stories that need editing and synopsiseseses and then a thorough consideration to where to try to place them.

I keep thinking I slacked last year but the truth is, I released 3 books and two rereleases. Two were in partnership with Thursday Euclid, Black Gold 2: Double Black and You’re Welcome. Love, Your Cat. The solo release was, No Tea, No Shade which is the start of a trilogy that… I have mapped out but need the time to complete. Then I rereleased two solo books after Noble Romance quit: Tricky and A Certain Pressure in the Pipes.

Then I dabbled a bit in doing recaps for NBC’s Hannibal. That was really fun and I met some good people and it inspired the only release I know is happening next year, Still Remains in February which is an erotic horror short story that’s inspired by Hannibal but isn’t really Hannibal so it wouldn’t be fanfic unless it went pretty far AU. Really, Hannibal was so different and groundbreaking, probably half of serial killer fiction was influenced and it’s at least as different as anything else in that genre. Only, you know, with graphic sex.


Not bad for someone who has a miserable day job and a brain trying to escape. Christmas saw the double vision come back and I have a whole litany of fresh tests for the new year. Already with Still Remains this year was leaning toward horror but I’m working on a vampire series with Thursday Euclid that I hope is as fresh and exciting to everyone else as it is to me. As a recovering goth, I was pretty done with the usual tropes so while this isn’t like… alien space vampires or anything, it’s got some interesting twists and lots of wanton destruction, so hopefully it’ll be something people like.

I’ve got some other tricks up my sleeve but we’ll see where it goes. I’m really hoping this will be the year where I retire from the evil day job, maybe take up some freelance projects if writing can’t keep me in pants, but where I can really kick ass and take names with some of the cyber punk I’ve been sitting on and other cool stuffs. So, my resolution is to keep moving forward, keep alive, and be entertaining.