The WASPs book cover

Our re-release of The WASPs will be available in 2 days exclusively through Amazon. It was originally published through Dreamspinner Press, but the rights reverted and now we have re-edited it and recovered it and we can now offer it for a lower price PLUS it will be part of Kindle Unlimited!

I still really love this story and was so excited when it came out. It’s one of the first few novels that Thursday Euclid and I wrote as a team and while it’s quirky, I still enjoy it’s jokey play at an updated Jane Austen novel, but also much, much steamier.

It’s been off the market for a few months while we tinkered (and worked diligently on our vampire series which just got picked up at Loose Id) and we’re so excited to bring back The WASPs.

The WASPs book cover

Blake Brooks’s life is not going as planned. His wife kicked him out to move the nanny in, and his father disinherited him. The only haven he has left is his old boarding school buddy, Tyrone Edwards. It turns out Tyrone has a room all ready, clothes picked out, and and a place in his life reserved for Blake and his daughter Bitsy, whom they both adore.

Tyrone has always played it straight, even in boarding school when everyone was experimenting. Now he’s giving Blake mixed messages: affection and teasing one minute, fobbing Blake off on a gay co-worker the next. Is Blake succumbing to wishful thinking, or has Tyrone been holding out for Blake?

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