I guess I should count myself lucky to have a job in this economy, let alone whinging about meetings crowding around lunch. Still, it’s annoying when everything else in the day is empty except right around that half hour where I need to either brave the line for the microwave or zip out to find sustenance.

I could always plan a lunch that doesn’t require heating, but that assumes that I can plan ahead, which  isn’t part of my admittedly meager skillset.

Now, if I were reading this (which I would never, because who cares what that Clancy person gets up there) I’d be wondering why after a blog that appears to be all promo all the time suddenly there’s a whitegirlproblem post. Well, I’m going to try to actually blog. As vapid as this post looks, this is a growth moment for me.

Sort of.

Or something.

I don’t have anything to promote at the moment (oh I always could, I suppose…) I’m just attempting to act like a normal person. How’s that working out for me?