Thursday Euclid and I are both bisexual, so we write bisexuality a lot. It’s sometimes mislabeled as GFY because, you know, invisible. When we first started writing, there were people saying that bisexual characters invalidated gay people if they didn’t realize they were bi within a certain time frame. That wasn’t really fair. Many people don’t realize this about themselves until later in life for a wide variety of reasons. I’d list them, but honestly, we’re all worldly people with access to the internet. Google it.

Our first release was a short series called BLACK GOLD which featured a punk rocker who realized he was bisexual when he started lusting after a male pop star. It’s a lot of fun, pretty over the top but rockers!


BOYFRIEND GOALS was written about a bisexual man who was tired of being invisible to his parents and engages in a fake relationship


We wanted to write a different approach in CATS & DOGES, one where being bisexual was a bigger deal to the other romantic lead. It doesn’t go to an unforgivable place, but it does reflect some things that were said to me about dating me as a bisexual.


In LINE IN THE SHADOW, the MC’s bisexuality isn’t really discussed. It’s just kind of there. I mean, he’s a CIA spy and divorced and active, so the story is more about the action and romance.


The way that LE JAZZ HOT handles the bisexuality of the fireman is that he doesn’t think about it. This is reflective of my experience where I was pretty involved with other women but just assumed everyone did the same. Won a 2012 Rainbow Award.


I’LL BE YOUR MAN is a May-December romance where a man built his life around his family, but after his divorce is interested in exploring his attraction with his adult son’s best friend. It’s really sweet.


This final one available now is THE WASPS where a gay man marries a gay woman while carrying a torch for his presumably best friend. Spoiler alert–lot of bisexuals in denial going on here. It’s kind of a silly over the top.


In November, Thursday Euclid and I be releasing a second book in the CHANGING MAJORS series called THE BILLIONAIRE’S SON which features a bisexual college student who finds love with a very nerdy young man. There will always be more to come!