Just finished watching “Damages” and… I have to say it was really interesting to me from a social perspective as well as a story telling perspective. It kind of spoiles the end for you, so it would be like, episode one: SNAPE KILLS DUMBLEDORE and then you have to figure out what led up to that and if what we saw was actually literally Snape killing Dumbledore or if it was someone else or if that’s really Dumbledore who is dead. Plus Glenn Close & Rose Byrne. And I loved that it was a real head-to-head power struggle between two women with so much subtlety and nuance. It may seem a little slow to people and the time jumps may be confusing, but it’s really got me thinking about how to craft stories and how to write women without necessarily making them manish but also not raining down patriarchy on them.

I also watched all of “Transparent” which was so interesting and heartbreaking. A family dealing with their dad coming out as a woman. Is it 100% everyone’s experience? Of course not. it is of that sort of typical TV family mode of everyone being totally self-involved and pointing out that elephant in the room (which in my family, no one does that. We just quietly avoid each other) but I am fascinated with how it presents these issues. Definitely worth watching. I did it all in a day because that’s how I roll.

Suits I liked less. The characters are interesting, but it’s pretty typical laywer fare. Man v man. Some powerful women (Gina Torres brought me to it) but it mostly boils down to man versus man in a pretty cliche way. Watching this before Damages saved it from me disliking it. There are definitely more likeable characters in this one, and more laughter, but it left me feeling apathetic. I kinda want to know what happens next, but meh. Not if RuPaul’s Drag Race is on.

Late tomorrow night the new book Gemini shoud be out!