The Smashwords experiment with my short story Stay has been going pretty well. It’s interesting. People have been generous. I think, though, that some people feel uncomfortable not paying anything when you have a “pay as much as you want” sort of model. Well, and the story is, in a word, “creepy.”

It’s not really for everyone, I guess. Well, no, I know that it’s not. But I like it and though it’s not something that would be publishable by mainstream, there are a few other perverse souls who appreciate it.

On that topic, I have the first novel I ever wrote that I’m considering editing and putting on Smashwords. It’s been regularly available on a couple of sites for years now so it’s not exclusive or anything. But it might be nice to have it all edited and put together. I think (hope!) I’ve learned a lot about writing since then so maybe I can add more to it. Or, I might decide not to waste my time if it’s too terrible.

I was looking at the reviews left on it. They are interesting to say the least. This is my favorite: “That was intense, Stephen King eat your heart out – literally! Disturbing, supremely well-written, sexy, compelling and just …. brilliant.”

But then, I’m partial to anything that says I’m brilliant. It’s what I cling to when I’m reading over my work and thinking, “wtf is wrong with me?”