So I’m trying out a new look for the site. This is the third time I’ve redone things but they’re all free templates, which is what I’m dealing with until I get bored and do something extravagant.

This is a photo I shot at Fulsom Fair, which makes the t-shirt the bleached blond is wearing about thanking you’re lucky stars that you’re in Texas even funnier to me. That I would later write so much about a pale blond boy wasn’t even in a glimmer in my eye at the time.

The fair, as I recall, was hot. I have lots of pictures of leather daddies hanging out in the streets, swearing, drinking Coke. At the time, I was really into photography and I was meeting a photographer there to chat a little and just soak in the San Francisco experience since I’d never been there.

What impressed me the most weren’t the drag queens or men and women openly showing their love for each other, but the Thai street vendors. Thai food. In the streets. Down here you get funnel cakes and deep fried butter (no really.) Anyway, I don’t remember exactly what I was wearing out there, but it was something goth, fetishy and hot (as in it was 90 degrees and I was melting) so we hoofed it to a bar and people-watched. Good times. I thought it would be fun to have on my blog for as long as this design lasts.