I have so many tales to tell but I can’t really wrap my head around getting things out. So many updates and things abuzz, but my brain is mostly abuzz, which makes everything cottony and hard to sort.

If that made sense to you, you win.

So I have another book accepted by Loose Id, date of release not yet settled on, but it’s about a firefighter and a cross-dressing actor. Tootsie meets Backdraft. Okay, not really. Very romcom and sexy, of course.

Aside from that, I’ve been writing and editing and submitting and getting rejected and adjusting and resubmitting and getting rejected again and again and again. I mostly blog about my victories, but let me tell you something, it ain’t easy out there for a pimp–writer.

But, I’ve learned interesting things. Like that promotion doesn’t really work nearly as well as writing a good book and producing frequently. So, that’s my marketing plan. Be good. Write a lot. This job ain’t nuthin but work. Fortunately for me, I have more tenacity than sense, so I soldier on.

Anyway, there’s a book cover contest going on that an anthology I’m in is part of. If you go to the site and scroll ALL THE WAY DOWN to slot 8, the cover is #509. Ifn’ you like it, please vote. You don’t have to have read the book, just approve of the castle and the boy butt on the cover.

#509, man. Elisa Rolle has way more intestinal fortitude than I do to set up over 500 images and poll thingies for a contest. Or any reason. Bless.

pee ess–I’m posting and reposting prettiness on my Tumblr