So evidently in order to celebrate Easter, Amazon has started rating gay lit books as porn? This does not bode well for my book release. I mean, you’d think buttsex would market itself, but it would seem that one or two people are very against it.

Woe is me.

LJ User tehdely seems to have an interesting theory on how this came about, which is interesting reading and perhaps plausible. I think mostly it just shows how fandom prepared me for the wank of real life.

There’s also this interesting “open letter” to Jeff Bezos with lots of links to other open letters and various articles. Let me just say that while this is at least in part an exercise in why you shouldn’t rile up the literate portion of the populace, it seems particularly insane for a business built primarily on bookselling. Hopefully this issue will be addressed and resolved soon, or I’ll have to really write a tl;dr piece on the topic.