I can’t let #blackcatappreciationday pass without a plug for my book with Thursday Euclid, You’re Welcome. Love, Your Cat. It features Nasty, a spunky little black cat based on my now departed black kitty and my Aunt’s cat Rasty. Apparently Rasty wasn’t normally that into people and especially not kids, but we were pretty tight, probably because I thought he was so. beautiful.

After him, I had quite a few black cats at my mom’s. Seven at one point. People kept dumping them and they’d come to our house since we fed them outside and didn’t run them off.The cats were so appreciative of my time and attention, when I’d go for walks, at least a few of the seven would follow me.

This was in the 90s in conservative northwest Houston. Rumors got back to me about being a witch, which I thought was so funny that I started to wear all black. I’m probably lucky to be alive.

After I got married and moved into a house, I encountered the shiniest black cat I’ve ever seen at a Petco. I jumped through so many hoops to take that cat home and he graced me with 17 years of purrs, snuggles, bleps, and alerts that other cats were outside. I’ve missed him every day since he departed and soon I hope to add another black cat to my home, a promise I made to him.

In You’re Welcome. Love, Your Cat, Nasty scurries around and keeps an eye on things like Lao Tsu did. He was an amazing cat. I hope I’m so lucky again.