For me, writing and music go hand in hand which means that your favorite scenes in my books have a soundtrack. I collect these songs together as “soundtracks” for when I need to get into the mood while I’m writing. Sometimes bits or thoughts wander into the story, it’s an homage to what I’m listening to.

This is a habit I got into probably because so much of the time music and reading went together. If I wanted to escape the busy bar my parents had taken me to, or the dusty back room of where my dad worked, or the tedium of a road trip, it was me, a cassette (I’m old…) and a book. I can shut out most anything with those elements and it works to keep me “in” when I’m writing.

I keep the playlists on Spotify. Feel free to friend me there and if you are curious if another book I’ve written has a playlist, hit me up. I bet it does!

Need the book? Get your copy of Immortal Sins by Clancy Nacht & Thursday Euclid