Black Gold 2: Double Black is currently scheduled to be out March 26 which means I have some cover art to look forward to! I’ve seen the sketches and they are gorgeous. So I keep checking my email, crossing my fingers and all 8 of my damn spider legs.

This last check of my mail let me know that my new makeup is on its way. Also good, but, you know, not what I was hoping for.

Oh, I guess I owe you a selfy.


And that’s before the make up. Ha-ha.

Even if I don’t get the cover today, tonight is RuPaul’s Drag Race which is more than enough to keep me busy. I love drag queens more than serial killers, y’all. That’s saying something. I mean, it’s like drag queens > serial killers > chocolate. It’s a serious problem.

I really thought going into this that I’d be all for Detox. I mean, I love Willam Belli, I was a goth when I was growing up, it all fits. But no. I mean, I love Detox. I don’t actually hate any of them, but I have a special place in my heart for lil’ Alaska Thunderfuck. She’s charmed me. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I do love Sharon Needles, but she wasn’t my favorite (I know, from a goth, too! scandalous!)

But I guess you show up with a horse head on and say haiiiii and I’m yours? Well, no. Really it was just that open, honest response about how she and Sharon had trouble last season and that she dealt with it and it was frank and honest and probably the most brave thing I’ve seen anyone putting on 10 lbs of cake make up to pretend to be someone else do. For me that’s the best storyline… not the underdog, but just that growth that must’ve happened and the strength to keep moving forward, even in the face of people comparing her unfavorably to Sharon.

In summary, I’ve grown attached. I hope she makes it to the end but you just never know. (though how will they be able to go on without her confessionals? they’re the best!)

2 thoughts on “My Spidey senses are tingling

  1. I have a soft spot for Drag Queens, too, Clancy. As you can see from the cover of “Leather+Lace” Should you ever make it to Australia we will have to check out the drag scene here. I have my favorites. They’re not so much the Rupaul type. More irreverant. Check out a couple of my FB friends, Dallas Dellaforce and Amelia Aairhead, Totally opposites, yet awesome in their own way.

    1. The more irreverent the better. I tend toward camp queens. The first drag queen I ever saw was in New Orleans and he was mostly or crossdresser or age 10 me wouldn’t have noticed a man in a dress. Blew my mind, but in the best of ways.

      My parents were worried I’d be forever damaged but I thought it was better than the carriage ride…and I was a girl who liked a carriage ride.

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