So my blog is quickly turning into a promo thinger, which is great because I need to promo but I’m worried that no one sees my vulnerable side.

I have one, you know.

Okay, maybe not. Sort of. Bleh. I dunno. I don’t really want to talk about feels all that much except in regards to my hair. So despite years of planning to prevent it, I seem to have turned 40 which seems to be a lot like 39, only plus one. 39 was much like 38 and so on until I realize that right around 25 I mostly stopped maturing and conduct myself as if I am still about that age only with better purses.

One thing I used to do that I’m really slacky about now that I really need it to happen is dyeing my hair. It’s like now there’s roots AND grey and for the most part, I can’t be bothered. Well, last night I bothered. I’m going a little lighter because grey stands out more on darker hair but I forget that my hair sucks color harder than a cheap whore and despite my careful choosing, my hair is dark brown.

I wore black hair for years, so it’s not like I can’t cope. It’s just going to suck when the grey creeps back.

Then last night I was a little bored with TV and was shopping Youtubes for amusements and found Manila Luzon’s makeups tutorial. I decided this morning to try out some drag queen strategies and combined with the darker hair and enhanced brows, I’ve gone pale Kardashian. Also, I probably need some fake lashes. Or to not pick Thursday morning to decide that I want to be a drag queen when I grow up.

Probably taking a picture for this segment would make sense but I’m at work and it’s not really the best environment for selfies. Maybe later.

For now, back to work.


2 thoughts on “Today’s feels

  1. I feel that the photograph really adds so very much.

    Also, you need not worry about conducting yourself much as a person of 25 when your purses are so -very- excellent. Any drag queen would tell you that. Accessorize well and you need not age at all.

    However, please do acquire false lashes at your earliest convenience. I must insist.

    1. They’d probably just bat against my glasses and be all annoying. My day job isn’t ready for that jelly.

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