Cover art by the beautiful and talented P.L. Nunn. I feel sooo lucky that she does our covers for us! Because OMG, the art is so awesome I can’t believe it!

cover of I'll Be Your Man

Richard Lynch is a 50-something executive with an ex-wife he’s still hung up on and a son in grad school who only calls when he wants something. In his professional life, Richard’s successful and in control, but his personal life consists of little more than sitting down in front of the television set at seven and being in bed by nine.

Then he meets his son Kyle’s best friend and roommate, Paul Watkins, the handsome gay son of a former rockstar. Richard’s bland, predictable world is thrown into chaos by Paul’s sweetly determined pursuit of him. To some Richard’s new lease on life seems like a mid-life crisis and Paul’s infatuation seems motivated by daddy issues, but to Richard, Paul is his chance to explore a part of himself he’s kept buried all his life. With friends, family, and their pasts threatening to keep them apart, what will it take for each to become the other’s man?

I’ll Be Your Man is available now!

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    1. It was actually sort of a surprise too me, too! I thought it was going to be out in August–but that’s just me. No sense of time 🙂

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