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As was announced a few months ago, sadly my main publisher, Loose Id is shutting down. I’m in the process of getting rights back to my work previously published by them and one of the first stand-alones that I got back was my crazy crack novel, Pride & Justice.

I wrote a little blog entry about why I wrote this and what I was thinking over at the Kimi-chan Experience, check it out!

I’ve recategorized this story because while it does have some strong romantic themes, it’s really more satire/dark humor fantasy paranormal. It’s quite silly and fun. I hope you’ll enjoy it!

A percentage of the earth’s population has transformed into surprisingly functional zombies who returned to work the next morning as if they weren’t undead monstrosities. Justice Kinkead, an officer in an elite zombie fighting force, gets called out when good zombies go bad, putting down the brain cravers and safeguarding the new economy. After several of his partners succumb to unfortunate deaths, Justice figures he’ll go it alone…until he’s assigned a mysterious and sexy new partner, Merlin Pride, who seems to know more about the zombies’ origins than he’s letting on.

Merlin also seems to sense that Justice needs a good fucking, but it’s complicated: Justice still lives with his undead ex-boyfriend. Can Justice make peace with his past? And if he does, should he take a chance on a man who may have something to do with destroying civilization as they knew it?

Crack, parody, camp counselor levels of camp, dad jokes, and enemies to lovers
55k words

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